Why Are We Less Expensive Than Many Other HVAC Companies ?


· Minimal Local Advertising:

We operate almost entirely on word of mouth. No expensive Yellow Pages or newspaper ads.


·Restricted Service Area:

Our service area is small, to keep our travel cost down and be available to our established customers if  they need us.


·Quality Workmanship:

We do the job right so we don't have to keep coming back to do it over and so that the system delivers the actual energy efficiency that it was intended to deliver.  We believe that even if our initial bid price is higher than our competition, the total cost of ownership over the life of the system will be lower for a system we install than most other options when energy use and repair cost is considered.

· Strong Brands:

      We install top quality equipment with excellent warranties made by major manufacturers. Parts and equipment      are available, keeping our cost down.


Why We Are Not Always the Lowest Bid:


· We Provide Top Quality Work. We Don’t Cut Corners.

We refuse to just “put in" a furnace or air conditioner. When we install new equipment, we evaluate the entire system and install it right, so that you can be satisfied for years to come. We strive to comply with all national codes and equipment manufacturer recommendations. We carefully test and adjust your new system to manufacturers specifications upon start-up.


· We Are Prepared to Provide Long-Term Service for Your Equipment:

Our trucks and warehouse are well-stocked with parts for the equipment we sell and the brands we service. Our vehicles and equipment are well-maintained and properly insured. We’ve been in business for over 10 years and have an outstanding track record for reliable service.


· We Are Trained, Licensed, Insured And Certified:

We spend many hours and dollars on training, licensing and insurance to keep to date with the latest equipment, methods and regulations. I am also NATE certified.


· Reliability:

We only install parts and equipment that we believe are reliable and top quality and have excellent warranties. We pay our suppliers on time and maintain a first-rate relationship with them. Should any equipment problems arise, We’ve always provided hassle-free warranty service.



Thank you,    Chuck Wilson