Energy Saving Options

Heating Season

  • Many furnaces are not operating at their designed efficiency. We can fine tune your heating system to operate at maximum efficiency using a computerized combustion analyzer.

  • If your gas furnace or boiler has a standing pilot light, it is probably less than 70% efficient, the savings from replacing it with a new 95% efficient furnace will often pay for the new furnace in less than 5 years.

  • Becoming very popular are our dual fuel systems which combine a 95% efficient gas furnace with a high efficiency air source heat pump. This system chooses the most efficient fuel based on outdoor and indoor temperature. You can also manually switch from heat pump to gas furnace. Often these systems qualify for tax credits and utility company rebates.

Cooling Season

  • Tests by utility companies found that 78% of the air conditioners tested were incorrectly charged. Over charged or under charged systems waste energy and can damage components. We can fine tune your air conditioner using digital testing equipment.

  • If your Air Conditioner is over 10 years old, it is probably 25% less efficient than the 13 SEER base model sold today. If it is over 20 years old it is very likely that it is using twice as much electricity as the 14 SEER system that most of our customers buy.

Additional Savings

  • We offer programmable thermostats which can automatically set back the temperature for you when you are not home, or at night. Properly used they can save around $100 per year.

  • In systems where the ducts are outside the conditioned area, duct leaks can waste lots of energy. We can inspect and if needed repair your duct systems.

  • We install Energy recovery ventilation systems, which recover up to 80% of the energy leaving your building through exhaust fans.

  • Using Wrightsoft® load calculation software, we can help you make decisions about investments in heating and cooling equipment as well as other improvements such as insulation, windows and doors.